Keynote Speeches

professor chen shaofeng

Industry Development Trend for Digital (Entertainment) Culture

Speaker: Professor Chen Shaofeng
Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, Department of Philosophy, Peking University
Vice Dean, Institute for Cultural Industries, Peking University
Sub-Director, Cultural Industry Innovation & Development Academe of China

prof  zengzhonglu

Gamblers' Fatigue:
A Study of Adaptive Behaviors of the Residents of Greater China to Macao's Casino Gambling

Speaker: Professor Zeng Zhonglu
Professor, Gaming Teaching & Research Center, Macao Polytechnic Institute
Doctoral Supervisor, Sun Yat-Sen University
Visiting Professor, Collaborative Innovation Center for Hong Kong and Macau Development
Researcher, Lottery Research Centre of China, Beijing Normal University
Special Researcher, Center for Hong Kong and Macao Research, Beijing University
Standing Director, Society of Competitive Intelligence of China
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Gaming, Tourism & Leisure Research

mr DeRaedt

Building Bridges: Pace of Change Impact on the Gaming Industry

Speaker: Mr. Peter DeRaedt
President, Gaming Standards Association

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